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NOLA Recovers From The Hard Rock Hotel Collapse

An upscale construction site stands firm, defying the dry winds sweeping across the city. The sky looks bruised and surly, like a driver with a punctured wheel. The Mississippi River, comfortably perched along the lively town, mirrors the temperament; grey and frothy. The Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans is an upcoming building that’s located strategically in the historic French Quarter. Sandwiched between relatively shorter buildings, the eight-story building mirrors the mood of a city that has been defiant in the face of calamities. Just the other day, part of the building came down causing a real scare among residents and tourists.

Details about the Collapse

At the site there were over 100 construction workers who were working at the time. Video footage shows the workers emerging from a gigantic cloud of dust after the building crashed and debris filled the street below. Despite the crash, no one present sustained serious injuries. Thankfully only a few workers ended up with minor head, back, neck, and shoulder injuries from the accident. Authorities confirm that the situation is under control and cranes have been erected to hold up the part of the building that fell.

Still a Lively City, Despite the Scare

Right across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, jazz music bellows from a bar and grill, dispelling any fear. The increasingly surging number of people in the streets and restless barmaids are here to remind you that the night has just begun. A night that has been thrust into life by seamless music and gentle weather. The laid back city, synonymous with wild parties and tasty cuisine, is a booming economic hub with distinctive architecture. If the reported collapse of the building intended to lower the spirits here, it failed.

October is Here, So are Many Festivals

The month of October is often preoccupied with Halloween celebrations. For many towns and cities, this is the only festival that lights up their dull streets. Not for New Orleans! The number of celebrations and festivals during the fall season is staggering. New Orleans in October offers something for everybody. The annual events, food, and music with spice up your trip to this beautiful city.

The Perfect Hotel for Every Visitor

Whether you opt to stay in the French Quarter, the Garden District, Downtown, or somewhere off the beaten path, New Orleans will always offer you something to look forward to. Our exclusive hotels offer the ambiance needed to recover from a tiresome day. We have it all! In many cases, hotels will offer transportation to and from events.

The mood is lively and optimistic despite the building collapse. So, continue making those travel plans! Don’t forget to schedule some time to discover your wild side during a swamp tour of Louisiana’s famous Bayou country. The areas you can’t explore by foot are easily accessible by an airboat tour. The awning waterways and shallow bayou gives you a view of the natural beauty in the swamplands. New Orleans is a year-round destination, take a trip down here and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in the city that never sleeps.

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