How to See Awe-Inspiring Alligators on Your Louisiana Swamp Tour

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A Bit of Louisiana Alligator History

Louisiana has a long history with alligators. Claims in the 1690s talk of killing and eating “small” gators of merely 8 feet and one claim of a 22-foot gator!

Don’t worry though. The gators of today average 8 feet for females and 11 feet for males.

You see, throughout the centuries, alligators were used for their meat and skins. In the Civil War, gator skins were in high demand to make boots and saddles for soldiers.

In the early 1960s, Louisiana noticed a decline in the alligator population.  Poachers were killing alligators and selling the skins to the fashion industry to turn a quick profit.  

In response, Louisiana closed hunting for alligators from 1962 to 1971, allowing them to replenish their numbers. Conservation programs helped ensure their survival since that time. Today, nearly 3 million alligators exist.

In this article, you will find tips on how to see these awe-inspiring gators on your tour.

Come along with us!…

Best Places to Find the Alligators Gathering?

Over 1 million American alligators live in the wild in Louisiana today. On your Bayou tour, there are different places where you can view these fierce creatures.

  • Visiting during March and September will give you the best chance to see a gator. Since they are reptiles, they need warmth and sunshine to maintain their core temperature.
  • However, an exciting time to see the gators is April to May. This is when the male alligators (or bulls) warn other suitors away as they choose their mate for the season. If two males are interested in the same female, you may even see a fight! (From really far away!) Now that is a Cajun encounter you won’t want to miss!
  • Around the water’s edge, an experienced gator guide will be able to spot one or more sunbathing on the shore. Chances are the guide will need to point it out to you as they are perfectly camouflaged to the area.
  • Alligators will also sunbathe on a log or in groups, which helps in spotting the stealthy creatures.
  • Swimming in the water, they are also difficult to spot. If you look for the form of the head, you may see an alligator looking right at you.
  • Should you encounter a grouping of baby alligators, called a pod, there is probably a nest nearby. Never disturb a nest or small alligators. Chances are mama is watching close by.

Louisiana is predominately wetlands in the south. Nearly every canal, bayou, swamp, lake, or pond has alligators. So, think twice about swimming!

What to do when you See Alligators on Your Swamp Tour 

When you spot an alligator on the tour, first, Congratulations! 

Quietly, notify your tour guide, so all can see and so as not to alarm the gator or other guests on the tour. The best practice is to stay seated and allow the Captain to guide you to the optimal view.

At that point, your Captain will help you know how to get the best photo. We do suggest zoom lenses if you want that award-winning shot!

Being respectful of the habitat of the gator is a must. Your guide will know what the gator is doing and what “mood” it is in; he is well trained. For example, a hissing gator is a “stay away” gator. The alligator is warning you are too close.

Feeding or harassing alligators of the swampland is a criminal offense carrying a stiff fine. Not to mention, feeding wildlife of any kind can eventually cause the animal to associate humans with food. Feeding the alligator causes them to be aggressive towards humans. No one wants an aggressive alligator!

One additional note… alligators can jump! Occasionally on your airboat swamp tour, you may find one swimming alongside the boat. So be sure to keep arms, legs, and clothing inside the boat always.

 Interacting with Smaller Alligators on Your Tour

This is the part of the tour where you can hold a baby alligator. Imagine it… the baby gator you will hold will one day be huge and scary! But for now, it is a cute little thing and a new experience and a must for your Cajun encounters.

Many reviews say this is one of the parts of the tour they enjoyed the most. It is an exhilarating experience to hold something so powerful.

So you know, the baby gator’s jaws will be taped shut for security purposes. Alligators don’t want to hurt humans unless they feel they are in imminent danger. Especially the little ones. They can see how much bigger humans are than them. However, it should be noted, alligators are extremely unpredictable. (And, the tape does not hurt the gator).

Interacting with an alligator in an engaging manner brings awareness of the strength and beauty of the gator and helps with conservation acknowledgement.

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