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Louisiana Swamp Animals You Will See On A Swamp Tour

A Bayou Swamp Tour is much more than an airboat ride. Expect your two-hour trip to be as thrilling as it is informative. Have you ever thought about the wildlife that hides in the mysterious swamps? New Orleans has the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the US. Its swamps and bayous are home to various species of birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals that thrive in its fertile waters. There will be plenty of opportunities to take an Instagram-worthy picture of the scenic swamps and exotic wildlife. Here is what you can look out for during your trip.


Experience the gator up close and learn about the conservation efforts in the region. You will definitely spot a number of alligators soaking in the sun. If you don’t, look in the lagoons and waterways to find a gator lurking in the dark. Enlisting the services of a good guide will help you maximize the chances of spotting an alligator in the wild. Bayou Swamp Tours have seasoned experts who know where to spot wildlife in the marshland.


There are plenty of river otters that have made New Orleans’ swamps and bayous their home. The river otter burrows a hole close to the riverbank or swamp shoreline to have access to water. Members of the weasel family, otters hunt during the night and feed on what it can find. Fish is their favorite food but they can also eat turtles, amphibians, and crayfish.

Wild Boars

Wild boars are invasive members of the pig family that have taken over the wetlands of Louisiana. In an effort to combat their growing numbers, residents and tour companies are hunting the wild hogs for their meat. The wild boar meat trade has helped to save the local wildlife and wetlands. Don’t be shy to ask for a simmering hot smoked sausage made from wild hog meat during your trip.


Get a chance to see the gigantic alligator snapping turtle in the swamps. This is the largest freshwater turtle in North America and among the biggest in the world. With a spiked shell, beaklike jaws and a thick, scaled tail, this turtle is a dreadful animal to look at. “The dinosaur of the turtle world” is nothing but picky. Besides eating fish and amphibians, the turtle hunts bigger prey like armadillos and raccoons.


There are many birds thriving in the area because of the abundant amount of fish. The marshland has many bird species like egrets, cranes, and herons that wade through its meandering waterways feeding on small fish, amphibians, and crustaceans.


Also known as river rats, nutria are large rodents that live in the Louisiana wetlands. These unwelcome guests have bad feeding and burrowing habits that ruin plant life.

Experience the pristine wilderness of New Orleans on a boat. Inhabited by raccoons, bobcats, turtles, birds, and alligators, the bayous and swamps offer you an exciting chance to mingle with nature. If you are up for an exhilarating trip, journey through the Bayou country with native guides who will share their knowledge on the wetlands.

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