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Your Adventure Awaits!

Explore acres of authentic Louisiana swamps and waterways on a New Orleans swamp tour that gets you up close and personal with Alligators! Strap in, it’s one wild ride!

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Our Swamp Tour Options in New Orleans

Small group Airboat tour new orleans

The Small Airboat

6-10 passengers

Group Airboat tour new orleans

The Large Airboat

15-27 passengers

Big Group Airboat tour new orleans

The Pontoon Boats

Traditional Covered Boat Swamp Tours

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Our Pickup Service

Round trip to the French Quarter

What you will learn?

Highlights of taking a Swamp Tour In New Orleans

Discover the Wonders of Swamp Tours: A Journey of Learning and Adventure

Swamp tours offer an exceptional experience unlike any other. These tours not only provide a thrilling adventure but also a unique educational opportunity. Here’s what you can learn on a swamp tour.

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Unveil the Secrets of Diverse Ecosystems

Swamps are teeming with life. On a swamp tour, you'll learn about the intricate ecosystems that thrive in these watery environments. Guides explain how plants and animals coexist and depend on each other.

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Encounter Fascinating Wildlife Up Close

Imagine spotting an alligator basking in the sun or a rare bird in its natural habitat. Swamp tours bring you up close with wildlife, offering insights into their behaviors and habitats.

Top 5 Endangered Louisiana Species

Understand the Importance of Wetlands

Wetlands play a crucial role in our environment. On these tours, you'll discover how swamps protect against flooding, purify water, and support biodiversity.

swamp tour in New Orleans

Experience the Culture and History of the Region

Swamps are rich in history and culture. Learn about the people who live near these environments and how the swamps have shaped their lifestyles and traditions.

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Appreciate the Beauty of Untouched Nature

Swamp tours allow you to witness the raw beauty of nature. You'll see landscapes and scenery that remain untouched and pristine, offering a moment of tranquility and connection with the natural world.

Embark on a swamp tour to explore, learn, and be amazed by the wonders of these unique ecosystems. Whether you’re an avid nature lover or simply looking for a new adventure, swamp tours provide an educational and memorable experience.

Swamp Tour times

Boats leave the dock at 9:45 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm (if there is enough daylight for the 6 pm tour). It is important that you be there at least 15-30 minutes before so you have plenty of time to check-in.

All tours are 1 hour 45 minutes packed with excitement. Give us a call, to join us for a swamp tour New Orleans style. We book up fast! Why book with Bayou Swamp Tours?

Bayou Swamp Tours offers the most thrilling swamp tours New Orleans has to offer. The Bayou tour company offers various options for you to choose from…

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Why book with Bayou Swamp Tours?


Our passionate and experienced Captains combine the excitement of a New Orleans airboat swamp tour with the fascination of a backwater nature tour. See why we are the #1 New Orleans swamp tour.
Whether you book a small boat, a large, or a pontoon boat tour, the experience our Cajun Captains provide is the best in Louisiana.


Explore thousands of acres in our unique Louisiana ecosystem featuring backwater wildlife such as alligators, over 200 species of birds, wild pigs, raccoons and so much more! Experience the murky waters of the swamp firsthand on your New Orleans (NOLA) airboat trip down the mysterious waterways.


Swamp tours from New Orleans typically sell out weeks in advance. With us, you’ll have exclusive access to the most availability on airboat tours and swamp boats in all of Louisiana.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our Louisiana airboat tours.

Boats leave the dock at 9:45AM, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm (if there is enough daylight for the 6pm tour). It is important that you be there at least 15-30 minutes before so you have plenty of time to check in.
We have airboats that can hold anywhere from 6 to 30 passengers. If you would like a private tour, let us know and we can accommodate your needs! We have the most availability on swamp tours in New Orleans. We also run covered tour boats seating 20-72 passengers.
Yes! We can accommodate any group size. Please give us a call to make the arrangements for your private Louisiana experience.
We offer to pick up guests and take them back to all hotels located in the French Quarter / New Orleans City Center / Eastern Garden District as an additional service. Please call to add pickup to your tour for an additional fee.
Yes, you have to be at least 5 years of age AND 48 inches tall to ride the airboat. Expectant mothers will need to take the swamp boat tour for a smooth experience in the bayou.
There are all sorts of avian (birds), reptiles, insects, and mammals in the swamp. They all can be more active at different hours depending on the conditions, weather, and season. Your Louisiana boat captain will put you on the best tour possible to see as much as possible.
We are open from 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Our phone lines are open even later for reservations!
Although we have the most options and availability for us to book your swamp tour, booking ahead of time is key. Especially during holidays, weekends, and Mardi Gras. It’s not uncommon to be booked up months ahead of time for these.

Larger groups (6+) are recommended to book weeks to months in advance of the trip to secure the best possible boat and time slot. So book as soon as you know you will be in the area. We also can take last minute bookings and will do everything we can to accommodate!
We recommend wearing whatever you feel comfortable in. We will be out on the water, so we recommend leaving loose jewelry and watches behind to avoid the possibility of losing your belongings. If it’s a Louisiana sunny day, make sure to bring some sunscreen! You should always dress comfortably. If it is cooler outside it is good to wear warmer clothes, especially on an airboat. Bring a jacket, too!
Yes! We have boats other than airboats that you can enjoy the swamp in. We have covered boats that are not loud and provide shade from the hot Louisiana sun.
A covered boat is a larger boat with an awning that seats more people. It is not loud, unlike an airboat, and moves slower through the swamp. Great for photography!
Yes, but they rarely come out during the day. Please leave the spray at home
We offer the most availability for airboat and pontoon boat tours in the New Orleans area. While our booking office does not physically conduct the tours ourselves, we collaborate with a hand-picked combination of tour operators and coast guard certified captains to ensure a selection that combines quality with great value.
Tours go out rain or shine unless there is inclement weather such as lightning. We will call you ahead of time if your tour is canceled. NEVER assume the tour is canceled! Weather calls are up to the boat captain & dock staff. Typically storms blow over fairly quickly and you are still able to get on the water and enjoy your swamp tour. However, severe weather can abbreviate or cancel tours.
Our covered tour boat will allow a standard width wheelchair to board.
Once we enter your information in our system we immediately start working on getting your tour confirmed. Once everything is squared away and we have your seats reserved, we will send you a confirmation email and text. You will also always get a formal transaction receipt from our payment provider.

An adventure so enticing, you'll want to come back again and again! Contact Bayou Swamp Tours TODAY!

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