A Complete Guide on What to Bring on a Swamp Tour

You have booked your Louisiana Bayou Swamp Tour and are ready to get packed up for the day! 

Wondering what you need on a swamp tour? 

Wondering what not to bring on the tour boat?

First, let’s get this bit of caution out of the way. Last night you may have partied on the streets of downtown New Orleans. You may have worn feathered masks and fancy beads of all colors. And, most certainly, you may never want the party to end. 

Well, we here at Bayou know how you feel. We live here! 

But the party doesn’t have to end; it’s just going to take a fast turn on an airboat swamp tour. Jump into a wild ride in the enticing swampland with exotic wildlife and one crazy Cajun Captain. 

Leave the feathers, beads, and whatnot behind and come on down to the French Quarter to catch a ride to Bayou Swamp Tours.

Here is what you will want to bring.

Clothing/Shoes/Face Protection

On your tour, here at Bayou, we want you to be comfortable. We recommend wearing clothes appropriate for the weather of the day. On a warm day, layers are recommended, like light long sleeves over a t-shirt. As the day heats up, you can shed the extra layers and keep cool.

You may want to bring along a jacket because it can get windy on an airboat. Be sure to check the forecast on the morning of your tour. You are welcomed to bring a poncho or rain jacket if it looks like rain.

We also recommend water shoes, tennis shoes, or sensible sandals that are not slippery on the bottom. Remember you will be out on the water, so leave loose jewelry behind, as it cannot be retrieved from the murky swamp.

At the high speeds of the airboats, there is a lot of wind. You may want to bring some sort of face protection such as the neck gaiter pull up face masks. That is up to you! Just be comfortable.

Sunscreen/Bug Repellent 

As an outdoor adventure, there are little things that can become big annoyances if not prepared. One of those annoyances is mosquitoes, of course.

Mosquitoes are most active in the Louisiana swamp lands around dawn and dusk. So, if you have one of the later trips, you may want to put on a bug spray before you come. If you have a mid-morning or afternoon trip scheduled, you probably will not have a problem with mosquitoes.

Sun protection is another provision to consider, especially if you are prone to burn. Because of the airboat breeze, you may not feel like the sun’s rays are strong, but in the summer months, sunscreen is highly recommended. Bring along your sunglasses and a hat if you’d like, as well.

The climate in the swamp is hot and humid in the summer months. Temperatures average 85° and can even reach 105° in July and August. In the cooler months, temperatures can average around 50°. With the breeze of the airboat tour, you will need a jacket for those months.

Camera/ Accessories

By all means, do not forget your camera on your tour of the mysterious bayou! These swamps and their shores teeming with wildlife have captured the imaginations of explorers and travelers for centuries. These swamp lands are home to one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems.

 At once, you will be awed by the beauty of the gnarled cypress trees with dangling Spanish moss. The twists and turns of the waterways provide excellent light and shadow for the photography lover.

Capturing a shot of the exotic birds swooping by or standing along the shoreline is one of the beauties of the swamps. Then, there is the excitement of a wild boar rustling in the brush or a curious raccoon peeking out to see the tour. And don’t forget to spot the turtles resting on the logs.

And of course, you may just get to see alligators sunbathing or perhaps even experience the adrenaline rush of a gator snapping right alongside your boat. You wouldn’t want to miss capturing that shot.

Want to bring a cooler? Ask ahead what is allowed on the tour you have booked. Private tours usually allow a full-size cooler, and yes, alcohol. Just no glass, please. On the packed tours, you may be asked to bring an over-the-shoulder cooler. Either way, a water container is a smart idea for your trip into the bayou.

A little cash may also be a nice idea. If your Cajun Captain is a real entertainer, you may just want to thank him for the ride.

Enjoy Your Louisiana Swamp Tour!

Are you ready to take a wild ride into the adventurous outdoors of Louisiana?

Are you anticipating the lightning-fast airboat ride and the inhabitants lurking within the marshes?

We here at Bayou Swamp Tours are ready to guide you through the mysterious and exotic waters of New Orleans’ swampland. Don’t forget to bring the following items for the best experience:

  1. Wear comfy clothes in layers and sensible shoes for the boat.
  2. Consider face protection and sunglasses.
  3. Check the conditions for the day to see if you need a jacket, sunscreen, and bug repellent.
  4. Don’t forget to grab your camera.
  5. Pack your cooler and water, and you are off!

Most importantly, bring your sense of wonder and excitement. Our swamp boat captains are thrilled to show off the precious and mysterious lands they have grown up loving. 

Don’t wait any longer! Book your tour today, and they will be sure to give you the thrilling ride of a lifetime in the lush Louisiana swamps at Bayou Swamp Tours!